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About me

From my childhood carrying a violin every day to the Conservatory in my hometown of Maracaibo, such as those days when I would leave my footprints in the fresh snow of the streets of Mannheim (Germany) getting to the Hochschule on a cold winter day, up to the long conversations sharing a Chimarrão and adapting to the Gaucho culture in the south of Brazil while writing my doctoral dissertation.

Throughout all the scenes I can remember, there is almost always a common denominator: music, like a string that has been weaving through each experience and that, thanks God, has allowed me to work on projects with people I admire so much like Gustavo Dudamel, Benjamin Zander, Marcos Witt, Harold & Elena, Mariana Vega, Oscar D’Leon, Delicatessen, Monica Rodriguez, Leonardo Diaz, Banda Generasión, among many others.

No matter if I’m playing as soloist or in an orchestra, teaching at a university, writing a strings arrangement, directing and producing a session, in front of a microphone recording tracks on the violin for a client or behind the console finishing a mix, my commitment remains the same: to deliver excellence in every project I’m involved in, and to sign quality in each one of my works.

…a gifted violinist and a musician with a remarkable personality… his playing is a genuine mixture of polished playing and extrovert drive…

Marco Rizzi

Musikhochschule Mannheim

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