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Our Online String Recording Service provides award-winning quality production, with a team of world-class musicians in a state-of-the-art studio in the south of Brazil. Let us help you elevate your production with live strings, whether it is a solo violin, a cello, quartet, ensamble, or a complete orchestra, we’re here to help you achieve your ideas and allow them to come to life. It could be for your single, album, film soundtrack, video game, advertisement, sound library, loop collection, etc.

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If you want to future-proof your film/video game soundtracks, or you are just looking for cutting-edge ways of presenting your music, we can help you to record and deliver your strings in every possible format, from Stereo to Dolby Atmos®. With specialized studio rooms and equipment designed to suit your project needs.

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Audio Porto® is beyond a studio, is a creative complex that reunites under the same roof top-notch technologies with a selection of some of the most acclaimed classic and vintage gear. Under the motto “Experiences that provide music way beyond entertainment” Audio Porto is a Record Label / Music publishing company, it specializes also in sound and creative immersion experiences, and besides an ongoing interest in education, it is a building with three studios of different sizes with an unbelievable collection of microphones, outboard gear, and a highly trained technical staff.

Online String Recording
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We could remotely record your scores or compose and orchestrate one for you. With our online string recording service it’s like having one of the best recording studios in the world, the best gear and top musicians at your fingertips. Let’s get in touch and get a FREE quote from us. May we start your string production today?